Mazzochi and Bipartisan Legislator Group Calls for Real Ethics Reform, Rep. Arroyo’s Resignation

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) called for State Representative
Luis Arroyo’s (D–Chicago) resignation after news broke of Arroyo’s arrest by federal
authorities on bribery allegations. “It is disgraceful to have one, let alone
so many, public corruption investigations encompassing every layer of Illinois
government, and so many, legislative, judiciary, and executive.  State government needs a thorough
housecleaning from top to bottom.”  Mazzochi
identified the comprehensive ethics reforms in House Bill 361 as a start; as
well as a bipartisan task force to be created under House Joint Resolution 87
in order to strengthen Illinois’ ethics laws.

Arroyo’s federal bribery charges directly relate
to his duties as State Representative. “Illinois has been the poster child for
public corruption for decades.  Public
trust in elected officials, on both sides of the aisles, has eroded.  It is disgusting to see fellow legislators
continually abuse their positions of power,” said Mazzochi. “Everyone in the
legislature must stand in bipartisan opposition to criminal and abusive behavior.
The federal indictment has more than enough information for the House to act by
invoking House Rule 91 and start the process to remove Arroyo for his actions.”

Arroyo’s arrest is just the latest in a rash of
stories involving Democrat elected officials recently arrested, raided, or
investigated by the FBI for selfish criminal behavior at the expense of
taxpayers.  The list includes Democrat
State Senators Martin Sandoval and Tom Cullerton as well as Democrat Chicago
Aldermen Edward Burke (husband to Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Anne
Burke); and Danny Solis.

Asked about House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago)
calling for Arroyo’s resignation, Mazzochi called it “hardly remarkable.  If Springfield teaches you anything, it is
the lengths to which certain members will go to protect their own power.  The problem is the culture set by leadership
on down.  To really make a difference,
resignations should start at the top.” 

Mazzochi emphasized, “Illinois needs to add teeth
to our current ethics statutes. House Bill 361 needs to be released from the rules
committee and given a fair hearing during veto. With the rash of recent news
stories outlining criminal behavior, it is obvious that our current laws are
not a deterrent.  Both HB 361 and HJR 87
are a start.”   HB
dramatically increases the fines for legislators that engage in numerus
restricted activities and for violations of legislative rules of conduct. House
Joint Resolution 87
creates the State Ethics Task Force to propose additional
legislative solutions to ensure Illinois is holding public officials
accountable for their actions.

HJR 87 has already earned bipartisan support and was
assigned to the Executive Committee in the House of Representatives.


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